Silicone Watches

Silicone Watches Olympic

The silicone watch is made of silicone material. It’s water proof and shock proof, with the net weight only 10 g. This watch is a very popular choice for climbing,

jogging, swimming and other sports.

The simplicity of the watch makes it not prone to breaking. It has no strap, but is instead made of a single molded piece of silicone which is stretched around the wrist. It has models for both kids and adults which are designed to fit around the wrist snugly.

· Low cost for your business promotions

· Water resistance (Don’t try it too long)
· Logo is customizable
(could be printed according to

custom design)

· Sizes available: 6.5 × 16 cm; 7.5 × 17 cm; or 8.5 ×

18 cm

·Digital watch function with LCD display (display the

month, date, hour and minute)

· Various wristband colors are available

Here is the colours available:                                                                Mininum Orde Quantity: 500 PCS

On the front of the watch is a unique digital display which separates the hours from the minutes. The current hours is

displayed on top, with the current minute on the bottom. Pressing a button will reveal the current day and monthas well.

The batteries are replaced by taking out two screws on the back and removing the cover.

Our silicone watch is great for sports because it doesn’t jiggle around. No matter how much the user sweats, the band will

stay in place due to the expansion band.