Silicone Mobile Phone Stand

Silicone Mobile Phone Stand  Silicone Mobile Phone Stand  
Fittings: with 3M adhesive sticker at back 
Standard Size:  
85mm (Length) x 42mm (Width)  or 3.35" L x 1.65" W 
Bowknot shape style silicone stand for smart mobile phones or cell phones. It is tiny but very cute and adhesive, to be attached at the back side of your mobile phone. The original product is flat, so there is no any uncomfortable feeling when you put it in your hand or pocket. If you want to use this stand, just press the middle part, then the two ends of the stand will pop up (just like the slap wristbands), as there is slap plate wrapped inside of the stand. If you want to close it, just to press down the two ends of the stand, then it will be flat again. What's more, this silicone mobile phone stand is available for custom logo printing, and also many different silicone colors for your choice. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces 

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