How to Choose the Right Promotional Products Supplier in China

Posted on May 17, 2016

When you plan to purchase promotional products, or advertising items, it is kind of difficulty for you to find a good vendor in China. There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products suppliers, and many of them supply very similar products. How can you find one who can offer you the reliable products with good price and best service? Here come up with some advises to help you determine if the supplier you choose can offer the service you need.


Some Basic Information You Need to Know

1. Check if he has an official website URL with his company domain. Also his company name, and email address, as well as phone number, fax number... 
If a supplier do not have a official domain, or use the email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or 163, then don't choose him.
2. Write email or call the salesperson of the company, to communicate your ideals and designs. A good supplier always response you quickly and offer his professional service.
3. Ask for sample before production, to check the quality (even there is sample charge). A good quality sample doesn’t mean you found a good supplier but at least a potential good vendor, however, a bad quality sample surely means you should keep away from this supplier.

Can they do more than just a salesperson?

A reliable promotional products supplier has the resources to do the best job for customers. When you are evaluating a potential supplier, you need to take time to find if they have ability to meet your needs. Do they have artwork support staff to make your logo designs more suitable for printing? Do they have standard factory workshop which can produce your customized items and deliver them on time? Can they provide you with any tracking numbers or any invoice documents for custom clearance after shipping the goods? If they are unable to do that, you will maybe in risk doing business with them.


Are they professional on the products you need?

It is difficult to tell the quality of a promotional item from a picture on the website or catalog, and most suppliers don’t take time to understand your business, and the items they produce may waste your budget and not so helpful for your promotions. However, a good supplier or vendor knows more about the quality of the products. They usually work with reliable factories around China, and have rich experience on the whole production procedure, and molding technique. They also can save your money by finding a way to minimize the production cost without compromising the quality. So you should try to find this kind of vendor to understand your business promotion and achieve your final goals by producing the most suitable products. 


Can they do better than you expected?

If you are doing business with an inefficient vendor, probably they are not available when you need them the most. If they’re on holidays, then no one in office will handle your urgent request or issues. While a good supplier will have staff that can response to you and settle the problem for you at any time. When you import the goods from China, the important procedure is the shipping. Does the supplier protect your goods well with cartons? Does he attach remarkable marks on them? Does he take responsibility for the unexpected loss during shipment? A reliable vendor will take care of all related details for you. What’s more, they can help to minimize your shipping cost and import taxes during customs clearance.   

Therefore, when you are choosing a promotional items supplier, consider these factors and find out if they are your right vendor. A lot of suppliers may produce very similar even the same commodities, but their quality, service and reliability are different. You need to know what your finally need, and who is the best you can work with.