How to Make a Custom Lanyard

Posted on May 15, 2019

Widely used at trade shows, during events, and within companies, lanyards are great items for carrying ID cards and advertising businesses. Many customers order lanyards printed with their own logos or text.

There are 4 main types of lanyards:

1. Silk screen printed polyester

2. Dye sublimation polyester

3. Tubular polyester

4. Nylon

Among these choices, the first (the silk screen printed lanyard) is the most commonly used item on the market.

How to Make a Custom Silk Screen Printed Lanyard

1. Lanyard weaving

The first step is to weave the lanyard from thread. To do this, we pull the thread rolls into the proper position, then let the machine do its job.

2.  Color dying

All weaved lanyards start out as blank white. For customized colors, the lanyards are dyed by going through a dye pool.

3. Film Plate Set-Up

After order details are confirmed and the final artwork has been received, we develop the film plate and embed logos by using the plate burning technique. Below is a picture of a processed film plate, quite similar to a photo.

4. Logo printing

When the film plate is ready, we fasten it by adding a frame around it. Meanwhile, the blank lanyards are placed on a long table. The film plate is pressed onto the surface of the lanyards, and we begin printing. Ink is poured into the plate and brushed heavily onto the lanyards through the film. This printing should be conducted by skilled technicians as the positioning is very important, making this a rather challenging task. Wrongful positioning of the logos will ruin the entire printing job.

5. Lanyard cutting and assembly

After printing, the lanyards are cut according to the size requested by the customer. They are then sewn and assembled with attachments.

There are 4 free attachments for customers to choose from: deluxe swivel hook, key ring, bulldog clip, and J hook. Other attachments can be supplied at an additional charge.

6. Packing

Lanyards are usually packed with 10 pieces per poly bag. If customers have special requests, however, then we will pack their lanyards accordingly. Finally, our professional inspectors check the quality of the lanyards before dispatching.

Dashing Promo Ltd aims to be always be your most reliable supplier.

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