How to Make a Custom Rubber Keychain

Posted on May 15, 2019

Rubber keychains are a wonderful promotional product for those hoping to boost their business through low-cost advertising. Made of soft water-repellent rubber, these keychains are hard to damage but still look and feel nice.

The following guide will show you how to make your own custom rubber keychains.

What Customers Should Do:

1. Choose a shape or layout for your rubber keychain, followed by the dimensions (size). You can choose any shape you like, from a basic circle or triangle to something more unique.

2. Design the logo you want to put in the area, such as your company information, slogans, text, images, etc. The logo on the front is injected with rubber, and there are three options for the back.

·Option 1: The back can be left blank without any text or logos. This is the lowest cost option.

·Option 2: Text can be printed on the back such as your company’s contact information, phone number, website, etc.

·Option 3: The same rubber injection used on the front can be used on the back. This is the most expensive option of the three, but it produces the best look and feel.

3. Choose the colors you would like to use on the logo. Keep in mind that gradient colors cannot be accepted; rubber keychains are made only of solid colors. We also advise choosing 7 colors max as fewer colors means lower production costs.

4. After designing the logo and layout of your rubber keychain, please send your final design to us by email. The file should be in vector format (such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or PDF). If you need help with your design, please contact us for support.

5. After receiving your artwork, we will check it and possibly make some improvements. We will then send a final image to you for confirmation. The rubber keychains will be produced according to this final artwork. Pre-production samples can also be provided for your approval.

What We Do:

Dashing Promo Ltd is an industry leader in making professional rubber keychains. The main production steps are as follows:

1. Initial Set-Up & Molds

Molds for rubber keychains are usually made of copper or aluminum carved either by machine or by hand. Our logo carving is based on the final approved artwork.

After carving, the molds need to be further processed by abrasive blasting and electroplating to ensure smoothness and purity. This prevents any wrinkles, impurities, or unwanted bubbles during keychain production.

2. Rubber Glue Pigmentation

The raw material of rubber keychains (soft PVC) starts off half-transparent, so it needs to be mixed with pigments in order to match the colors requested by customers. After mixing the PVC with the pigment, the rubber glue is still not ready for use; it needs to be purified by being placed in a vacuum chamber for to expel any impurities or unwanted bubbles.

3. Rubber injection  

When the molds and rubber material are ready, it’s time to inject the rubber glue. For some simple logos, this job can be done be machine, but for more complicated ones, it’s better to do it by hand. The experience of the workers is very important to the quality of the final product. A new hand is more likely to mess up, but most of our workers have over 5 years of experience and are proficient at rubber injection.

4. Rubber Baking  

Rubber glue is not hard enough on its own to make a good keychain—infact, it is a liquid until it’s baked. In order to harden the rubber, we need to take the semi-finished product and place it in the oven for heating. This step only last for 1 minute, but must be repeated several times.

5. Print Additional Text (Optional)

The back of the keychain is usually blank without any additional logos or text. However, if you need to add extra information, we can add it to the back upon request.

6. Assembly and Packaging

When all rubber parts are ready, it’s time to assemble the keychains by attaching metal rings (or chains). Our workers inspect the product’s quality, then finally pack each rubber keychain in a poly bag or customized packaging.

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