How to Choose the Right Promotional Products for Your Business?

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Promotional products provide high value for your business marketing, while the most difficult part is to choose the right promotional products distributing to your potential customers. Here are some suggestions to help you:

Know your potential customers and their needs

Please keep in mind that the promotional product is for your customers, but they will use it only if it is free item and can feet their needs. Recently, Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted a survey on the connection between people and the types of promotional products. It shows that elder people who aged over 55 will tend to accept and use more of the daily use promotional products like calendars and pens, while young people aged 20s to 30s prefer novelties and popular designed items. Bags, T-shirts, and Hats appear to be favorite items of all ages.

It is also important to know the proportion of men or women, as the ASI survey shows that women tend to receive more bags, health items, pens, and calendars, while men tend to receive more caps, T-shirts, badges and electronics items than women.

The ethnicity also affects the choice of promotional products. Many African Americans (58%) are not very care about the brands when they receive a promotional item. While over 60% of Non-African Americans feel the branding is important. Therefore, if your target audience is African Americans, you don’t need rely on branding, but it is better to present them more unique or creative promotional products.

Choose a product which is related with what you sell

For instance, if you are selling clothes or pants, you can take rubber keychains as your promotional products. That will correlate between the freebie and your brands. If your business is involving sports, you can choose silicone wristbands to promote your sales. If you are an information service company, you can select lanyards or banner pens to help enhancing customer relationships.

Promotional products should be useful

Nobody likes to receive a useless item even it is a freebie. Your logo or brand will be known only if your clients actively use the item from you. So a functional item will be always more important than any other things.

People like good looking items

Bad looking gifts will be no good for your company reputation and your brand. Always distribute good quality and stylish promotional products to your customers. Also pay attention to whom you are giving the promotional item. If a new customer (who will may make only one deal) pay a visit, it is ok to give him a regular pen, but if a very important partner of yours (will may establish long term business relationship with you) pay a visit, then a set of writing instruments in a beautiful package will be more appropriate.